…Castellanos masterfully weaves together snippets of pop songs and pop culture references (from Glenn Beck to the Clash to Bob Marley), poetic evocations of poverty and consumer madness, invocations of various deities, and a sharp humor. Gracefully carving the air with dagger-like fake nails, he’s a strange, shamanistic figure.
— Miami Herald

Fat Boy is a non-linear story based on American consumerism and waste juxtaposed with world hunger and poverty.  It takes us on a journey through time and space, a rice cultivation ritual, surreal character narration, stylized text,  Zen ritual movement, and B-Boy/Girl (breaking) choreography.  Elements of this work are influenced by Balinese dance/theater, dub reggae and American cultural and sub-cultural phenomena of the 1980’s.  Fat Boy toured throughout the U.S. and is no longer available for touring.

Fat Boy by IsItModern? / @isitmodern

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